Hansung Food Manufacturing Process
According to the food safety management certification standard HACCP, each process is managed with emphasis so as to prevent harmful substances from being mixed into the food products or food product contamination in all process of raw material management, manufacturing, processing, cooking, and distribution.
All staff and employees of Hansung Food have been acknowledged for the sanitary and safe food manufacturing management abilities from an international accreditation agency.

1. Cabbage warehousing

Warehouse the napa cabbage
cultivated under contract at the
origin through strict inspection

2. Put cabbage

Put cabbage auto-injection
using robot palletizer

3. Pickling

Pickle for 22~24 hours depending
on the season

4. Cleaning

Bubble two stage washing,
Vortex one-stage washing

5. Foreign substance sorting

Thorough foreign material inspection
after cleaning

6. Low temperature dewatering

Dehydrated for 1 ~ 2 hours under low
temperature refrigeration

7. Seasoning mix

Process of adding various
ingredients and condiments

8. Stuffing

Process to put kimchi in pickled cabbage

9. Metal detection and packaging

Process for Metal Foreign Material Control

10. ferment

Aged at temperatures above 0℃~10℃

11. Shipment

0℃~10℃ cold storage