Kimchi-Specialized Brand Leading Domestic International Kimchi Industry

Hansung Kimchi is a proud kimchi-specialized brand of Korea not only domestically but also internationally, and is safely produced through scientific and systematic sanitation management from raw materials to manufacturing, shipment, and distribution.

  • ① Only the 100% fresh and safe domestic agricultural products are used as raw materials.
  • ② It has rich colors and is non-pungent so that it goes well with any food, be it Oriental or western.
  • ③ There are patented specialty kimchis such as mini-roll bossam kimchi and perilla leaf cabbage roll kimchi.
  • ④ It is healthy kimchi that captures both nutrition and taste.
  • ⑤ A variety of products are on sale, including full-cabbage kimchi, mat-kimchi, chonggak kimchi, young radish kimchi, white kimchi, leaf mustard kimchi, and kkakdugi.
Master Brand
Hansung Kimchi

Traditional kimchi, patented kimchi